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Automate lead generation and qualification by leveraging your buyer persona. Search for your potential customers instantly!


Leverage the power of automation for lead generation

Here's how it works

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Provide details on the product, brand or service for lead generation. Define buyer persona leveraging filters.

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Qualify and score generated leads automatically. Unlock leads as required based on score and profile completeness

Move away from manual lead generation. Improve sales conversions
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Why Intelligent lead generation?

Without Intelligent Lead Generation

Manual data collection and entry

Gathering leads from a wider target market increasing inefficiencies

High bounce rates due to data inconsistency issues

Lower sales conversions due to inefficiencies and inconsistency issues

With Intelligent Lead Generation

Automatically create lead lists

Identify and pursue your target market leveraging your buyer persona

Reduction in bounce rates with automatic qualification

Higher sales conversions in lesser amount of time

See how Engati Logo leveraged Leadmi to convert 2X leads without an increase in budget

How does Intelligent Lead Generation from LeadMi add value?

Built on native AI technologies like NLP, NLU, Intelligent Decision Making, LeadMi automates lead generation and qualification

Get started on integrations with CRMs and other tools to automate & manage end to end sales pipelines.

Manage automation of data refreshes for lead profiles and exports to CRM. Reach out to the team for custom automation schedulers

Leverage the freemium plan based subscription model. Scale the platform as per your requirements and capacity of the marketing team

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