Social listening tool to track and manage online conversations

Build your brand & protect it with Social listening

Automate identification of brand mentions, social interactions. Protect your brand and discover new sales opportunities!


Leverage the power of automation for social listening. Identify new sales opportunities

Here's how it works

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Setup your product and channels

Setup your product and channels

Provide details on the product, brand or service for social listening. Define the the set of social channels that you would like to listen to.

Discover mentions and activity

Manage leads interacting with your brand or product on your social channels. Identify social activity & nurture them. Automate profile discovery and activity gathering

Discover mentions and activity

Move away from manual response systems. Protect your brand
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Why Social listening?

With Social Listening

Automatically discover insights and tasks

Identify and pursue your target market leveraging mentions and social activity

Analyze and identify sentiments. Discover and grow your influencers

Higher sales conversions in lesser amount of time

See how peopleHum logo leveraged Leadmi to convert 3X leads from its social channels

How does Social listening from LeadMi add value?

Built on native AI technologies like NLP, NLU, Intelligent Decision Making, LeadMi automates social listening

Get started on integrations with CRMs and other tools to automate & manage end to end sales pipelines.

Manage automation of brand mentions and profile discovery. Discover marketing insights and protect your reputation

Leverage the freemium plan based subscription model. Scale the platform as per your requirements and capacity of the marketing team

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